The Interview Process

I interviewed 6 people because I wanted to see if I could find a common pattern between them, and I found that I was easily able to separate them into 2 personas. I interviewed all of them at JMU and every one I interviewed on the Quad between classes.

6 people were interviewed, 3 girls, and 3 boys. 

2 of the boys were seniors and the other 4 were juniors.

All are students at JMU.

They all have different majors, except 2 of the girls were SMAD majors.

Participant 1:

-Currently travels to the only parking garage they know and doesn’t deviate
-Lives 15 minutes from downtown
-Its hard to find parking when there aren’t many signs for parking
-Got a few tickets parking in spots longer than they were allowed to
-Usually travels downtown on weekend afternoons
-It would be easier to park if everything was labeled better
-Enjoys trying new places downtown
-Goes downtown alone

Participant 2:

-Looks for only parking garage they know about
-Lives 15 minutes from downtown
-It is difficult to park downtown when they only know of one parking garage along with the one way streets that makes navigation difficult
-Blocked traffic once accidentally turning on a one-way street the wrong way
-Travels downtown on the weekend afternoons
-Would like to know were there are parking lots around downtown as well as one-way road navigation
-Usually likes to explore downtown
-Travels with significant other

Participant 3:

-Travels with friends because they don’t have a car
-Lives 5 minutes from downtown
-It’s hard to park downtown because parking isn’t clear and the one-way streets make it difficult
– One time had to look for parking for ½ an hour before they found any
-Goes downtown weekend afternoons
-Would like to know where parking is and how to navigate the one-way streets
-Usually explores downtown
-Goes with friends because they will drive

Participant 4:

-Drives downtown and parks wherever they can find parking
-Lives 10 minutes from downtown
-It is often difficult to find parking because it is crowded
-Once got a ticket because they parked somewhere where they weren’t supposed to, but there wasn’t parking available anywhere else
-Travels downtown on weekend nights
-Would like to know where there are spots available before traveling
-Goes to the local bars downtown
-Usually goes downtown alone

Participant 5:

-Rides downtown to any parking they can find
-Lives 5 minutes from downtown
-Signs are confusing so it makes it difficult to know where to park and for how long
-Once had to park in 1 hour parking even though they planned on being there longer
-Goes downtown on weekend afternoons
-Would like to know where there is to park downtown
-Goes to the local food places on Main Street
-Travels downtown alone

Participant 6:

-Travels to the only parking garage they know with friend, no car
-Lives 10 minutes from downtown
-The one-way streets make it difficult a well as not knowing if the parking deck will be full
-Often has to be dropped off while the driver looks for parking for a while
-Travels downtown weekend nights
-Would like information on how many spots are available in the parking deck, as well as more options for parking
-Travels to the Main Street stores
-Goes with their significant other or friends