Design Requirements

Translating Findings into Design Requirements

I found that my participants were looking for many of the same features in an app that would improve their experience in looking for parking downtown. Many of them had the same suggestions and struggles with finding parking downtown.

The design should have a feature that will help with one-way navigation, provide information on all parking downtown, allow users to see what spots are available, let users find the closest parking to their destination, and allow users to see how long each spot is available for.

Product Requirements

1. App must have a map of all parking available to the public available on and off-line

2. There must be a section of the app that shows the availability and how many spaces are left for each parking area to save the users time and frustration looking for parking

3. The app should include a feature that allows the user to find the closest available parking to their destination

4. The app should have clear navigation on the one-way roads accessible on a computer or smartphone

5. App should include time limitations on the spots so that the users know how long they are able to park there