Theme Overview

I used the Pure and Simple theme on my page. 

Original Homepage:

My Changes Include:

  • I used my name as the logo
  • Changed the background image behind the logo
  • Changed all of the preset colors associated with the theme
  • Removed and replaced the header image
  • Changed the call to action and added a media clip that I recorded
  • Used the Elementor plugin to edit almost all pages, Broken link plugin to check that all of the links on the pages were correct, and Page Builder by Siteorigin to help remaster pages similarly to Elementor
  • Changed the bottom to showcase photos and pages as well as added a search bar that will all show up on every page
  • Added a scroll to top button at the bottom
  • Added a pages widget to the pages that also included child pages to make navigation easier
  • Changed the font slightly so that all pages flowed better
  • Added a gallery widget to the homepage to showcase a few photos of me and photos that I took
  • Added photos on just about every page
  • Made the page static


My New Homepage: