About Me

My name is Alison Denne. I am a recent graduate of James Madison University with a major in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Music Industry.  I played the alto saxophone in the Marching Royal Dukes and the Pep Band. 

Through my time in college, I was able to participate in a variety of activities that enhanced my interests and helped me grow. One of those activities was managing the JMU Pep Band social media. I was tasked with creating multiple social media pages on multiple platforms, gaining a loyal fanbase, taking, editing, and posting photos from the games, communicating and relaying messages to all pep band members, as well as creating posts before and after games to raise awareness. I enjoyed the challenge of creating all of the pages and figuring out how to effectively reach an audience. I also enjoyed taking pictures and videos during the games and editing them so that viewers could have an inside look into the pep band and the games. 

My last semester at school, I was able to be the director of a student film that premiered in a student-run film festival. I really enjoyed directing and seeing my vision executed by myself and my teammates. The experience taught me a little on how much work it takes to put together even a short film and how much you have to stay on top of the schedule and the production materials. I look forward to someday being a part of a crew that produces a project bigger than myself. It takes more than just the director to accomplish a film and I am thankful for the expertise of everyone on my crew who was able to help pull it together.  

While interning at WHSV-TV3, I was able to experience behind the scenes of a local TV station. I was mostly involved with the Technical Media Producers who were the ones behind making sure every live show ran smoothly. They worked at a computer where, before each show, they programmed the keyboard to be able to operate the videos, graphics, keyframes, and titles. It was interesting to see the evolution of technology from having a show require multiple people on multiple pieces of equipment, to one person on a computer. I was also able to experience some of the other departments such as the newsroom, the creative department, and I went out with reporters a few days to see how they captured their news segments. I am very lucky to have interned at the station, and I gained a lot of hands-on experience that I wouldn’t have been able to receive anywhere else. It provided a in-depth learning on how the local TV industry worked and what it takes to operate.

My Interests

I am an avid photographer. I love taking portraits of people and then giving them the best possible product I can. I also love taking pictures of the places I visit. I appreciate where I am through the pictures I take and I relive the experience of where I’ve gone every time I look back on the photos.

I enjoy working with multiple mediums of art, but my favorites are acrilic fluid art and resin art. With them, I create products that are always different from each other, where I am able to creatively create each one to be unique. I enjoy creating art as a hobby because I like being able to figure out how to make things myself and having the satisfaction of having created it.

I also enjoy music. I have been in the Pep Band, Concert Band, and the Marching Royal Dukes at JMU. I was a part of a group of people who appreciated music just as much as I do and together we created an amazing experience. It was so humbling to be a part of a group with so many great players and I improved on my musicianship by learning from them. I loved to support the football and basketball teams with my friends and cheer them on every week. JMU has provided me with an experience that I will never forget and forever be thankful for.

I am adventurous. Whenever I travel, one of my favorite things to do is to walk around and explore without a specific place in mind. I often create unforgettable memories by stumbling across an activity and spontaneously deciding to do it. Every place I have been to has its own little activity that has been the highlight of my time there and it is my goal in life to explore more, travel to places I’ve never been, and to create memories in the most unforgettable places.