User Research

Parking in Downtown Harrisonburg 

Helping JMU students find parking quicker and easier

How Might We Improve the Experience of Students Looking for Parking Downtown?

Research Questions:

-How do you currently find parking downtown?
-How far do you live from downtown?
-What makes it difficult to park downtown?
-Do you have any stories when it was difficult?
-When do you usually travel downtown?
-What would make it easier to park?
-Where are you typically going downtown?
-Who do you go with?
Approach to the Solution
Parking downtown has always been a struggle for myself because it is difficult to know where it is safe to park and where the closest parking is to mydestination. I hypothesized that when I asked other JMU students how they found parking, they would also struggle with parking downtown, regardless of when or how they got there.

I decided to ask friends and classmates how they felt about the parking downtown because I knew that they would be more comfortable with talking to me because we knew each other. This allowed me to talk more about their experiences and relate to them, because I knew of the places they were talking about and they could be open with their answers.