This simple and colorful design provides a refreshing recollection of the citrus we could smell as it was being sliced and the memories we created as it’s juice ran down our chins.


A reminder of fall days, the apple design is an accurate representation of the treat used in many holiday desserts. 

Blue Ridge Skin and Vein Care

This is the sign and logo that I created for my local doctor’s office under commission. Not shown is the other side so that it can be seen from both sides of the street. The face is also carefully integrated into the logo so that it portrays the Blue Ridge mountains, which is where the office is located. 

I was given complete creative control for this project, as they did not have requirements beyond the wording and didn’t currently have a logo.


These cute animals were created with the intention of being placed on a product that can be used by children and adults alike. Animals is a new collection in progress that will provide simple, down to earth designs that can be used everywhere and by everyone. 

 Stained Glass

This colorful stained glass draws you in to a central point while expanding outward in incredible detail. Everywhere you look, new shapes are discovered and different themes are being shown.

Flower Cluster

Also in the process of being printed for distribution, this flower cluster adds a pop of color to any material. These flowers are all hand-drawn through design software. They have been carefully placed to not overwhelm any section and to draw in the eye with every glance.

Cat’s Cradle

Cat’s Cradle was a call to action project I made for a local cat shelter in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The purpose was to spread awareness about the shelter and to increase donation inflow.

I created a presentation, brochure, infographic, poster, and web banner that details the shelter’s vision, the target audience, and locations to attract attention.

Click the image to the left to go to the project in a new window.

Loves Me Not

Loves Me Not was a film I directed in college. I was also the designer of the poster, for which our two main actresses are featured.  

I had the privilege of being able to lead an amazing cast and crew through a short film that I wrote. I grew in many roles and I was able to be involved in every aspect of the film. 


Mandalas are full of repetitive and relaxing patterns. These geometric circles contain a central point that the patterns rotate around. This mandala pattern is currently in the process of being printed on kitchen mats, to be made available in a variety of colors. 

Anspired Media

I created my name to be Inspired Media but with an A for the first letter of my name. I am Anspired because I am always inspired to create and to grow. 

My design reflects my roots, photography, but the turning box shows that growth is endless, which is why I try to expand my abilities into a variety of areas. My goal is to keep learning so that I can spread my creativity into multiple mediums. 

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